Supreme Knowledge or Enlightenment / Origin: Buddhism Belief

BODHI Handbags & Accessories was established in 2008 by Angela Han.
The brand, which ushered in a new wave of luxury by combining high sophistication with cutting-edge design, continues to stay at the forefront of both fashion and tech accessories. The expansive BODHI line ranges from Women's Handbags & Accessories, Men's Bags, to Tech Accessories. Both artistic and innovative, BODHI doesn't merely follow trends, they set them. 

“We at BODHI are proud to present to you our highly crafted and expertly designed bags.

From the material, to the ornamentation, to the hand-crafted details; each step in the process is expertly performed and followed through with the utmost attention to detail. 

The finished product is no longer just a bag, but a work of art.